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Alright, fine. (but lacking photos) - nick™ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Alright, fine. (but lacking photos) [Jul. 11th, 2008|02:18 am]
[Current Location |London]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

SO! I'm alive, just about. Everything this side the atlantic has been going very well. I've just been working a lot, doing different projects and things. Let's see, a quick recap, before the future events...

I've finished my second year in uni at the top of my class, got a first which is equivalent to like an A+. Hopefully soon I'll be able to post some more recent photos, but I've just been lazy. On a sadder note, I fell on my bag one day and cracked my laptop screen, so I'm currently chained to a massive CRT monitor. It happen literally about a week after I payed £130 to get the power supply fixed, bad fucking luck I tell you. But I'm a survivor, so on to happier stories... I also planned the graduation ball for my uni... It was like doing my body party but with a bigger budget. It was a carnivale theme, so we had a champagne and cotton candy reception, a massive room with fabric draped from the ceilings like a tent with jugglers and acrobatic performers, as well as carnival games and a fortune teller. It went really well, I kick ass, basically.

And now, tomorrow, I leave for Münster, Germany. I was chosen out of my class along with 4 other students to be in an exhibition/residency at Kloster Benlage (it's all in german) It's a gallery/project space that has full traditional print studios and what not, it's in an old monastery and we're going for 10 days for the opening of the show and taking part in workshops through out the week making new works. We get to stay in the farmhouse that has been converted into dorms and they're taking us on day trips to amsterdam and berlin possibly. I'm super excited as I've only paid £40 for it so far. But it's also an amazing opportunity and i get to show beside my tutors and technicians, as well as a school from Poland who are in the joint exhibition with us. And on the last weekend I'm there I'll be in Amsterdam visiting San and Her boyfriend Chris, which I can't wait to watch a girl stick a banana in her fanny with. (I really like bananas, I really hope this doesn't change that) Along with doing the work for the show, the catalogue design feel onto my lap, so I've got 1,500 catalogues being printed with all my mistakes in them. whoops. But I'll bring some home for you guys...

Oh yeah... did I mention? I'M COMING HOME!!!!!!!!! I'll be attending my favorite unicorns wedding and living it up big with you orlando folk. I'm fucking excited as a dolphin being set free in the ocean after 70 years in captivity. Wait, I don't think that analogy works very well. I suspect a 70 year old dolphin would be scared shitless of that. Yeah, no, that's not how I feel. But I should be in orlando on the 24/25th, so whose picking me up?

Ok, now for the cheeky request, which would/will be laughed off but seriously. I'm scrapping every penny (pence, actually) together to make it over there and my mom is flat broke and can't help me at all. If any of you, my lovely dearest friends who I hold on the same level as my mom and computer, could spare any of your us dollars in aid of my survival and safe travel (i don't what I'll be forced to do if I get stranded... I don't wanna suck dick) would you maybe kinda please wanna out of the kindness of your hearts, pay pal some to me? I hate to ask, but I know how close we all are and I'd do the same for you in a heartbeat (and will) and I know i don't even need to say that... but you gotta, right? I'd love you all forever, anything will help but under $10 dollars and your just a fucking cheap skate ;) (ugh, feel so dirty doing this) My paypal email is 'me @ iamnick.com' (no spaces). Donate to the 'get nick to shirlee's wedding even though he's coming anyways but can't really afford it!' fund today.

But regardless, I can't wait to get home and go out for a crappy night at iBar or backbooth and see the comic shop and eat a pom pom sandwhich and pei wei and hug everyone and wrestle brandon and see mike's penis and tickle cappy's beard and laugh at how redneck sandy is and poke grumpy clint and call shirlee a unicorn and play scrable with mel and sean and milan and make bad jokes with chad and put beer labels in eleanor's bathtub and listen to spill whine and have matt not answer his phone and make mikey buy me wendy's and make adam think i'm more of dick and have coffee with p and feel bad and apologize to anyone i forgot to mention in this and see my mom and goto the beach and stay up late with alex and and and and and....!!!

(see what i did there)

Alright, well I've gotta finish packing for tomorrow and I plan on spending my one day back in london (and the other ones in germany) finding you all gifts and tings, but i'll probably just buy them when I get to america cause it's cheaper. but hey. So, I'll stop being lazy and resize the artwork for the prints I'm showing in germany and leave you with them... (they look much better printed) No, I'm not they look like shit. Wait here's an install picture of my last piece at uni...


[User Picture]From: createdbyafool
2008-07-13 04:42 pm (UTC)

hey babe
i'm so jealous/amazed that you have these opportunities! well you deserve it

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